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My love for warps and wefts - Vandana Bhandare, Vanaras

Vayati Weaves

I am not a typical story-weaver, but I am certainly no stranger to spinning yarns. My love for warps and wefts was sown decades ago, when as a little girl, I would waltz into my father’s silk manufacturing units, awe-struck by rainbow-hued skeins and timeless brocade. When I was not smitten by the rustle of gossamer kanjeevarams, I would spend hours experimenting with painting techniques, and curiously understanding the hand-weaving loom, beams, rods, shuttles, spindles and so on.
India is rich of traditional practices and as we get exposed to this fast-paced lifestyle, we have started letting go slowly of our culture, heritage, and traditional values. I connect with anything hand-made like a bee to the flower. Hand-woven fabrics/textiles have a warmth to them, they make me proud and also keep me grounded. Sometimes I wonder how fabrics can have that effect on one. Possibly because I have grown up seeing both sides of the coin: the richness of handloom as well as the struggles of it.

Vanaras was born on a very simple thought that one does not need to harm the planet to wear beautiful clothes. Along with keeping the garments eco-friendly, I will always remember my upbringing and inculcate hand-woven fabrics, hand-made practices into my collections as much as I can. We have sourced Hand-woven organic cotton fabric from Tamil Nadu and every bit of the fabric is close to my heart.

Hand-loom textiles is as beautiful as poetry.

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