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Niluvu - Yemmiganur Stripes

Yemmiganur is a small town located in northern Andhra Pradesh with a population that is predominantly engaged in cultivating cotton and weaving. It was famous for its coarse count cotton handloom of the finest quality for decades. Known for their unique tradition of multi-shaft weaving in plain white, checked or striped cotton, the weavers of Yemmiganur are now struggling to find markets with ever increasing competition from cheaper power loom substitutes.

Vayati weaves engages with the weaving community in Yemmiganur by providing skill training, design and marketing support.

The Nilavu edit is a joyful representation of traditional stripes of Yemmiganur using fine count organic cotton, natural dyed and handwoven by mostly women weavers, at the Vayati Weavers’ Training Centre, Yemmiganur.

All colours are safe and fast, having been through a wash cycle post production.