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The Covid Collective : Connecting you to weavers across India during the covid crisis

Vayati Foundation is committed to preserving India’s heritage of handmade textiles by engaging with handloom and handicrafts artisans and helping them enhance their livelihoods by providing skill and knowledge training, marketing and financial literacy.
The past year has been particularly difficult and several weaver groups in the country are facing a dire situation as their trusted buyers were unable to purchase their stock due to lowered sales and severe cash crunch. Since most weaver groups comprise of 50 to 500 weavers each, the stock piles are immense and overcrowding their godowns. Our handloom Industry today faces a grim future they have never had to face. If these groups are unable to sell their stocks, they will be forced to abandon their ancestral vocation leading to unemployment of a few millions. Vayati has been working with the weaver community in Yemmiganur, north Andhra and has been approached in the past few weeks by other weaver groups in the state to help with selling their stock.